Wednesday, 14 January 2015

LPs LPs update Jan 14/15

Some new and interesting records just in... Plenty more on the way...

These are all very interesting

The humanity

The french

The strange

More strange

Here we are


LP's LPs 2227 Dundas W, Toronto. 7 days. 12 - 7pm

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lorenz Peter: LP's LPs upadate Jan 2015

Lorenz Peter: LP's LPs upadate Jan 2015: It's an exciting time at LP's LPs, with new stuff coming in all month, and some long over due updates to the space. Some grea...

LP's LPs upadate Jan 2015

It's an exciting time at LP's LPs, with new stuff coming in all month, and some long over due updates to the space.

Some great new vinyl...

Moderne, Laurie Spiegel, Steve Reich,

dirty french psych, Cluster... many more.

Wrangler, Bruce Lacey, Les Baxter..

Italian 80's minimal synth,

French psych,

French Synth pop!

A nice shipment of Italo and cosmic disco is due to arrive anytime now! Also awaiting on some more classic and rare vintage psych soon. In the meantime, some changes are underway...

The old yucky air conditioner has been cleaned up, and transformed into solid gold. Just in time for summer!

It's coming.

The original sandwich board (that an old creep drop kicked on my first day open back at Ossington), has been cleaned up, repainted and glossed up!

ELVIS has entered the building.

The king lives.

A full room art installation is underway in the basement for my art show this summer.

Clearing out the downstairs has taken a few months, but now it is ready for the great transformation!

Watch for art shows and future installations here all winter & spring with :

Roxanne Ignatius - Jan 15

Kate Young - March (tba)

In store performance by Vierance on Feb 21/15

LP's LPs 2227 Dundas W. Open 7 days. 12 - 7pm.

Please note the HOURS HAVE CHANGED: I am now open till 7pm.

Lorenz Peter: The lost paintings of Lorenz Peter

Lorenz Peter: The lost paintings of Lorenz Peter: Sometime in the early 2000's I became aware that having not attended art school left me in a state of great insecurity about my work. I ...

The lost paintings of Lorenz Peter

Sometime in the early 2000's I became aware that having not attended art school left me in a state of great insecurity about my work. I continued to draw and write comics, achieving some degree of success in that realm, but painting was all but completely abandoned. I watch over the years as painting trends came and went. I kept at the comics and still create endless detailed sketches in my day-timers and log books working at the record store.

Here is an example of what happens to my brain on a typical day at LP's LPs. I know this may be too personal, but as you can see my mind is jarred by many filaments and devices, along with melting heaps of interesting debris.

My artist's brain imagines these as paintings and am certain this is a popular method of creating large scale works... by first making small sketches.

This one comes from a series of small inks I did in 2009. I intended to create paintings from these at some point, however sometimes life throws unexpected events your way and some things never get done.

This little ink sketch is from 2007. It was a typical page from this time and recalls the beginnings of my attraction to whimsical, simple images and dark fantasy.

I was working on Grey Museum at this point, the 140 page graphic novel that took 4 years to put together. Grey Museum used a lot of those fantasy elements; game board path ways, party foam, spirit animals, stacked blobs & bat wings.

These two large canvases have hung at The Green Room since 1998 and are an example of the path I was on with acrylic paint. I basically didn't give a care about what I made or what a critic might say, and least of all what the AGO students were churning out. That changed drastically over a few years as the Queen W gallery scene took off and I was left in the dust. I wouldn't paint for many years. I am looking back on these now and thinking it really is only a short break in any artists long career, it's never over for an artist.

In 2011 I created a series of acrylic paintings, using imagery like foam, bats, pools, vacuum cleaners, light fixtures, monks, screens, wall paper & crystals. This was the first return to painting in about 10 years. I was seeking a simpler style, and was attracted to the colour blue. It had to do with moonlight and inner visions.

This was one of my favorites of the twelve small paintings. It was the mix I searched for, a steady quick deliberate painting that ties my cartooning together with 'art'.

I achieved this for the most part, and was 65% happy with what I created. I accepted these as a passage to something maybe better down the road.

Here is another from that series.

These paintings were all damaged in a flood at my shop on Ossington ave in 2013.

All the paintings were accounted for by my insurance agency.


That was the most paintings I ever sold in one go. My most successful show yet.

However, the trash liquidators returned to try and give them back to me, I declined. I really needed to move on.


Recently I have begun painting again with a new acceptance. Thanks mainly to my New Brunswick studio where I have the time and the proper space in which to work. Something I could never afford before.

The work is produced without compromise, and in heavy enamel paints on wood or canvas. All of those years of sketches and wayward off projects seem to come together.

As usual, the work stems from personal experience and uses stock imagery collected by my head. And screw colour. Black and white is the answer for me. Colour is never quite right, it always depends on lighting and/or materials. I have taken to using mostly construction materials now in an effort to avoid buying into pre-mixed over priced art supplies. That always intimidated me.

I don't want to include too many shots from this series yet as it is still developing, but there will be a showing in early summer at LP's LPs.

Also, I am preparing the basement of LP's LPs as an exhibition space for future art installations. Starting with this show! TBA.

Monday, 1 December 2014

LP's LPs update Dec 2014

Some very cool stuff going on in Toronto right now.

All these independent cassettes available here.


This new reissue from Medical sounds just great. There are slightly different mixes than on the original, but if you don't want to pay 100 for the original, I recommend this one, It sounds beautiful.

Many exciting new vinyls.



In between.

Never seen.

A wall of Nettwerk. Pre Sarah.

New CTI reissues of classic Chris & Cosey just in.

Still have some signed SWANS LPs,

Plastikman EX




in America.

All those guys are trying to kill that lady. But ET will take her to the disco.

Metal Queen.

Lee Aaron.

Win a (sealed) Samantha Taylor Video Hits record.

Details at :

LP's LPs
2227 Dundas west,
Toronto Canada

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

LP's LPs Update Nov 11/11

Just in.

New & signed editions of

Oh wow!

Look at these.

Cool vintages.

Amazing imports.

Interesting records.


LP's LPs
2227 Dundas W. at Roncesvalles
12 - 8
7 days.