Monday, 1 December 2014

LP's LPs update Dec 2014

Some very cool stuff going on in Toronto right now.

All these independent cassettes available here.


This new reissue from Medical sounds just great. There are slightly different mixes than on the original, but if you don't want to pay 100 for the original, I recommend this one, It sounds beautiful.

Many exciting new vinyls.



In between.

Never seen.

A wall of Nettwerk. Pre Sarah.

New CTI reissues of classic Chris & Cosey just in.

Still have some signed SWANS LPs,

Plastikman EX




in America.

All those guys are trying to kill that lady. But ET will take her to the disco.

Metal Queen.

Lee Aaron.

Win a (sealed) Samantha Taylor Video Hits record.

Details at :

LP's LPs
2227 Dundas west,
Toronto Canada

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

LP's LPs Update Nov 11/11

Just in.

New & signed editions of

Oh wow!

Look at these.

Cool vintages.

Amazing imports.

Interesting records.


LP's LPs
2227 Dundas W. at Roncesvalles
12 - 8
7 days.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hot Hot Hot

Just in...

Long anticipated release of the mythical Madrigal album from 1971. Do the research, this album lives up to all expectation. Only 500 made. Get the 1st edition here. Also many more imported reissues of lost acid and psych.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

LP's LPs update Oct 2014

LP's LPs record store is in moderate-swing... in other words, not stopping here! As many saw, the Electra-Furs sign was a relic of the past and it was a hard decision to take it down. I decided to do that and hang it indoors. I wasn't ready for what I found behind it though... Second Hand Rose Boutique. An old sign belonging to the clothing shop that existed here before Electra-Furs. More research is needed but it is a proven fact that this sign did not come from the dreadful Hairspray remake with john Travolta. So, this will do for now, because it is beautiful.

Many people still have a hard time finding this place, my old address always pops up. So here is something to help. RECORD STORE TORONTO, LP's LPs 2227 DUNDAS W. At Dundas & Roncesvalles. Best selection of vintage electronic, cosmic and synth LPs, hard to find psych and rarities. Post Punk lives here.

Adam Terejko's art looks so fine on these walls, the next art show will be Nigel Craig of Memorex on Thurs. Nov 6th. The opening is at 7pm. Memorex played an awesome inspired set of minimal electro pop last week that brought in a capacity crowd for their cassette launch. Upcoming artists include Diana Lynn-VanderMeulen, Roxanne Ignatius, Kate Young, Lorenz Peter. Also the next in store performance is scheduled for Nov 16 with
RU Real. Details to follow.

Shonen Knife


Herman's Rocket


Young Marble Giants, Swans, Cramps, Goblin, John Bender, Space, The Groundhogs, REVCO, T.G., Severed Heads, Heldon, Tangerine Dream, Possessed, The Slits, Kraftwerk, Solvent....

New releases and reissues from Martial Canterel, Daniel Lanois, Bruce Haack, Skanform, Memorex, Processor, Madrigal, Xaspirations, Gerhard Heinz...

Lots of great stuff from indie & local labels:
Ugly Pop, Telephone Explosion, Subliminal, Private, L.I.E.S., Suction, Paper Plus Sound, Deth, Optical Sounds, Pleasence, Dark Entries...

 Just in time for Halloween...

16 Alien Sex fiend records!






Sure a lot of their stuff sounds terrible, but this band has stayed true to form since 1980. Their hit songs are countless... Walk the Line, Maximum Security, Here Cum Germs, Silver Machine, Ignore the Machine, Impossible Mission.... A truly unique band. One of the many girl-boy bands that rocked for decades together. I am happy to have this stuff in here all at once.

Goblins everywhere

Want a scary soundtrack for your Halloween party? Try Susperia or Exorcist 2, both in stock.

More scary tunes in stock : Monster Mash LP, John Carpenter's Halloween, A Chud Convention, Bela Lugosi's Dead! "Why can The Bodies Fly?" by Warning is always good. Children of God by Swans, War of the Worlds original radio play LP with Orson Wells, 13th Chime, The Funeral Directors, Gothic Girls....

Because it took 2 months to finally establish an internet connection it took me too long for an update. Expect more regular updates from now on. I have been meaning to thank Lindsay & Jess at Silver Falls boutique on Ossington ave for giving me this fine & elegant Oak counter for my shop. It really makes the room.

Art by Nigel Craig opening Thurs, Nov 6, 7pm
DJ set by LP

In store performance by R U Real Sunday,
Nov 16, exact time tba.

I will be hosting and playing records for anyone who wishes to drop in for a wee pre-party on Oct 31, so drop in dressed up or not. BYO. probably until 11pm or so we shall see.

LP's LPs 2227 Dundas W. 7 days, 12 - 8pm

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

LP's LPs update Sept 2014

New stock at LP's LPs, 2227 Dundas W.

LP's now stocks many new weird techno titles and house beats inc. Carl Craig, Lusine, Heinrich Dressel, Neil Landstrumm, Omar-S, DB-X... and many more.

Recently acquired a lot of classic rock, including the original RUSH album on MOON records. It's in fair shape, not a collector copy but a very rare find. Some rare northern soul and oldies. Also of course plenty of post punk titles and Canadian punk records like original No Means No and SNFU. Lot's of minimal wave and synth titles as usual. Many German imports.

A nice new addition to the shop is this record rack. It is not an ordinary record rack. it was brought here by a man who once ran a record shop of his own. He tells me this rack was in the possession of Ronnie Hawkins and once belonged to Wolfman Jack. Now, I don't know if he means the famous DJ, or the Wolf Man from Hilarious House of Frightenstein. The Canadian TV show. I tend to think he meant that one. Wish I knew. If anyone does, please let me know!

He tells me not to sell it. So, I won't. It is in a good place.

I gave my Dorchester a chance to play some old time Rn'B yesterday. A newly acquired volume of jazz & blues on original 10" 78's. They sound like magic. Count Basie, Peggy Lee, Les Paul, Dizzy Gillespie... many more.

Visit LP's LPs record store at 2227 Dundas W. open 12 - 8pm 7 days.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

LP's LPs update August 24, 08

How do I get to the new LP's LPs? 2227 Dundas W.

On a bike:
First, bring a bag because I don't have a new one yet. If you are coming from the North East, travel along Barton, then Hallam, then Wallace all the way to the bike path, then south to the Bloor bridge, exit and make your way along Bloor to Dundas, there you are!

If you come from the South East, travel along your usual route until Brock, then take Seaforth to MacDonell, then go North all the way to the last street going West, then follow to Roncesvalles and head north 5 min.

If you come from the West... Hmmmm.

On a train:
Get off at Dundas W station, walk two minutes south along Dundas.

On foot:
Walk along any road. Follow the map on this beer can...

The new store has been open since August 6th. There is plenty of new stock and I'll be bringing it all out this week. Lot's of vintage 80's punk in stock and new reissues of classic electronic Kraut rock. Many releases and box sets from Vinyl On Demand also.

Here is what a store looks like when one finds an opportunity one cannot ignore.

Note the ancient carpet, trash and bird feathers... this place sat empty for years after being a fur shop for decades.

A mega cleaning...

 and then 6 van loads of records and fixtures etc..(detail)

 Thanks Melissa & David for ever!

 The intermediate stage...

This all happened within two months. I returned from a trip in June and built shelves and cleaned up the basement portion of the old shop on Ossington. Then I watched as it flooded nearly right away. I decided that would be the last time and began scouting for a new home for LP's LPs.

By August I had found a new place, renovated it, packed up and set up the new shop. Lots of help from great friends. I look forward to the next few years at this new location, it promises to be great!!

Still plenty of work to do, but the essentials are in place. Watch for live performances and art shows this September!

The first being from Adam Terejko of Cell Memory. Soon.

Next is to replace the old Electra Furs sign without damaging it.

Anyone who wants this sign is free to take it as long as they safely remove it themselves.

LP'sLPs is now open 7 days 12-8pm

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lorenz Peter: LP's DJ set list and updates.

Lorenz Peter: LP's DJ set list and updates.: Finally after playing with Corpusse for over 15 years I acquired this precious cassette from early 90's. Containing within, the 1st Pr...